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Our founder Joan C. Blackburn is a beloved announcer in Ontario. Since she was a child, she always liked to be involved in the entertainment of the city. After finishing her studies, she specialized in event reporting.

Joan was invited as a special reporter on several channels in the city. Thanks to her wide credibility, she decided to establish a blog to inform all the people in Canada and around the world.

At Dunnville Mudcat Festival, you will find quality reports on the best events in Ontario. Not only will you find out about events for adults, but you will also be able to find out what is being done for people of all ages and preferences.

You’ll get the best coverage that will tell you if the event is worth it or not. Honesty is one of the great features of this blog.

Everything you need to know about entertainment in Ontario is in one place. You can also read the best recommendations for sporting events and all the content you need to know about the Dunnville Mudcat Festival.

This includes everything it has to offer like strongman/strongwoman competition, Bavarian garden, midway, musical entertainment, parade, fireworks, and vendors.

Without a doubt, the Dunnville Mudcat Festival Blog is for you. Don’t be left behind and be part of this fun and energetic community. Stay up to date and enjoy all the good things this city has to offer.

Every day there are more and more events that take place so that this city is recognized as one of the most friendly cities in Canada.