There is no doubt that the Dunnville Mudcat Festival is becoming more popular every year. Many people from other countries attend because of its proximity to the border.

Held every June 6th, the Townsend Midway opens its doors from 4 pm for all visitors.

Incredible entertainment for adults, vendors, and all attendees, with live music creating the perfect atmosphere for this festival. In the evening, the typical Dunnville Legion fish fry is served. You can enjoy it while watching the street dance organized by the firefighters.

However, the festival doesn’t end there. The next day from early in the morning, a parade will be waiting for all the attendants. Each parade is a different theme. This year is a superhero parade, and everyone will be able to dress up and wear masks that will be sold on the spot.

All About Dunnville Mudcat Festival 1 - All About Dunnville Mudcat Festival

After the parade, youth bands will take the lead on stage. With their original songs and some covers, they will delight everyone equally.

For the afternoon, the competition of the strong man and the strong woman will be the protagonists in front of the Kinsmen Hall. A car show will also be held at Lions Park.

In Wingfield Park, you can find the Bavarian Garden. For only $10 you can get in with an ID bracelet. Then, during the night, the Mudcat Patio Party will close an incredible and unforgettable weekend.

The Dunnville Mudcat Festival has proven for 45 consecutive years – and counting – that it is the best choice for the family. Unparalleled entertainment for all tastes and plenty of musical variety makes this festival unique.

With guaranteed safety and extensive space to enjoy, food and drink are never lacking. Fireworks at night and the magic of mechanical attractions are a must.

More than 60,000 people attend each year. This festival brings together several local companies and individuals to make it happen.

All About Dunnville Mudcat Festival 2 - All About Dunnville Mudcat Festival

If you are looking to enjoy a full weekend either alone, accompanied by family, friends or as a couple, this is the perfect festival for you. It has everything you’re looking for and more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this festival and bring your camera. You will surely want to preserve all the memories you will make in images that will last forever. Remember to wear comfortable clothing.