The live music industry in Canada is growing more and more. Every week new bands or singers emerge and make themselves known. There is no doubt that this also contributes to the country’s economy. Canadian music representation in the world is making itself felt.

The Canadian public has shown that it is also a great lover of music; concert attendance is massive. And because of this, more festivals and events are being created to promote talent.

Although there has been a small pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing worldwide, the concerts have not stopped. Technology continues to advance every day as does the internet.

Is Live Entertainment in Canada Going to Stop due to COVID 19 1 - Is Live Entertainment in Canada Going to Stop due to COVID-19?

And thanks to the internet, artists can now give live concerts online. They have been enormously popular and Canadians have been quite receptive to this modality. Enjoying a live concert from the comfort of one’s home has never been imagined.

However, the return to live concerts is already being organized throughout the country. Of course, taking the necessary steps to make them happen.

Major organizations that plan festivals and events are already preparing to sell tickets for the third and fourth quarters of 2021.

During these days, we have been working on options to offer transmissions of shows without an audience. Auto-cinemas or concerts with reduced capacity and social distancing.

The world needs music in these moments that we are living in. Events held in open-air places and taking into account all safety regulations are possible.

Safety precautions such as pre-purchase of tickets online, appropriate social distancing should be taken. Maximum hygiene measures for the handling of food and drinks and bathrooms that have enough soap for all attendees are important measures that needs to be in place.

Taking into account the closing of borders, national bands will be completely in charge of these musical events. Which is good news for the Canadian music movement.

The pandemic we are currently facing has made us realize that we are social beings. And that concerts and festivals fill our souls. They are necessary for our mental health. This will make such events more appreciated in the future.