Jun 112015
Photo by Lacie Williamson

Photo by Lacie Williamson


By Jillian Zynomirski
The Haldimand Press

DUNNVILLE – Large crowds gather every year to watch competitors compete in a series of strength-endurance tasks at the Dunnville Mudcat Festival’s Strongman/Strongwoman competition.

The competition, established 18 years ago by Dunnville native and strength enthusiast Mark Haines, draws in crowds that have an appreciation for strength training, and those who appreciate the determination of the competitors as they complete the strength-demanding tasks.

Three years ago the Strongwoman competition materialised with women showcasing their strength alongside men. Hamilton’s Faith Simms, past Strongwoman competitor, says the competition “changed her life”.

“The competitors are welcoming, helpful and a great group of people, she said.

Faith says without the encouragement she received from the competition she would not be set to break a world record on June 20 when she will be pulling a 35,000-pound warplane at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton to raise money for the Hamilton Food Bank.

This year Dunnville’s Mudcat Festival takes place June 11 to 14, with the Strongman/Strongwoman competition scheduled for Saturday June 13 at 1 p.m.

“Competitors begin training for this competition as early as March,” says Dunnville’s Marsha Tarbutt, Strongwoman competitor. Participants are expected to participate in a series of strength-endurance tasks, including an overhead press, a 360-degree car flip, tire flips, dead lifts and, the main event, a truck pull.

This will be the first year women are set to take on the large truck pull weighing in at about 20,000 pounds.

The event is currently looking for strength-enthusiasts from all over Haldimand to compete in this year’s competition. Those who are interested may sign up online at http://tewsleyauto.com/strong/, or in person at Fierce Fitness, Dunnville or at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce with early bird registration before May 18th. Any questions regarding the event may be directed to strong@tewsleyauto.com. For more information on the Dunnville Mudcat Festival, visit www.dunnvillemudcatfestival.ca or phone the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce at 905-774-3183.